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Digibee: driving simplexity

Digibee and the customer are, together, reframing the system integration model and connecting business ecosystems.

Through the Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), we solve a complex IT problem in a simple and fast way, enabling innovation and digital transformation.

Sim · plex ‘· i · ty
The union between simplicity and complexity. After all, systems integration can be simpler, without being reductionist.


Working with Digibee

“We inspire our customers to lead the next disruption by unlocking data through an adaptable integration architecture.”


We make time for the IT professional to focus on leading digital transformation.


We manage complexity.


We transfer knowledge to our customers by design; success for us is our customer’s independence.


We make data available to our customers’ ecosystems with security speed and cost-effectiveness.


We have the most incredible people and we’re proud of their efforts. We together share a dream that is supported by our values.

Your New Integration Company and our Shared Values

We live integration

Integration goes beyond technology. Digital global-society is fueled by complex networks and ecosystems. Together, we build bridges with people, processes, and technology unleashing their true potential.

We lead customers to success

We are obsessed with delivering success. We boldly approach challenges with creativity. We truly connect with our customers to guide them to achieve the best outcomes, even when we have to say a strategic “no” to give an intelligent “yes”.

We execute with rigor and at the highest standards

Here at Digibee, we set the bar high. We believe the details matter. We are motivated to deliver our solutions with excellence and seek to constantly exceed our expectations. Knowledge and experience drive us to innovation.

We enjoy the journey and care for each other

We are digiBEEs. Just like a bee’s flight, there is a method to our madness. We resiliently build a positive environment together and we enjoy the ride while giving the best of us to each of us.

We trust on intelligent hard work to surpass challenges

Before execution comes strategy. In an organized and efficient way we make the complex simple by planning effectively and using proven methods.

We are open and candid on what we think

We speak openly and say what needs to be said. We present our ideas responsibly and transparently, addressing with confidence and respect what is right to achieve the goals. We do not break the communication cycle and we trust each other. Trust is the basis for the development of a more connected team.

We stand out by making knowledge top priority

Learning is in our DNA, we differentiate through constant improvement. Knowledge is the foundation of our execution and drives innovation. We, Digibees, are constantly sharing knowledge so that everyone can be more productive and efficient.

We own our shared dream

We are committed to achieving a shared vision for a unique and positive future. We are truly passionate about what we do. We own our actions, we make a difference and leave a lasting impact.


Our Journey

A Message from the Founders

We manage the complexity from digital connections in an agile, simple and efficient way, enabling our customers to adopt a future-proof architecture and unlock innovation.

Tired of stacking up integration technologies and uncomfortable with the high costs and artisan-style tactics used to manage such a complex issue as systems integration, three former executives of global organizations decided to change the way companies connect their systems.

“When Gartner states, ‘50-percent of all resources spent in digital projects falls into the integration black hole,’ of course we noticed that something is wrong,” says Rodrigo Bernardinelli, Digibee Co-Founder and CEO. “Companies are spending money and delaying projects because they concentrate on the ‘plumbing inside the walls’ instead of focusing on revenue generating experiences.”

From the first line of code, we developed our technology with two main goals in mind:

  • Simplify integration workflows;
  • Deliver reults according to large enterprise needs.

“Our platform is built upon the architecture principles defined by digital innovators like Google, Netflix, Amazon and others, so we deliver cutting-edge technology that is unmatched in security, scalability and performance,” says Peter Kreslins, Digibee co-founder, inventor and CTO.

Despite having disruptive technology, a new approach to systems integration is needed more than ever in today’s market. Complex integrations need a solution that not only focuses on the technology itself, but recognizes that the integration process is also a social and collaborative procedure – success is up to all the people involved.

“Customers used to outsourcing IT solutions have lost the knowledge about their own systems and data, making it even harder to deliver digital transformation projects. For that reason, we developed what we call, ‘The Simplexity Mindset,’ to give the power back to our customers and make them independent of vendors,” says Vitor Sousa, co-founder and COO.

By having a clear market demand, a disruptive platform and a new approach to deliver on expectations, we developed a business model that enables our customers to scale to capacity, while reducing overall costs.

“We have a SaaS business model that’s simple to understand and all-inclusive. We have a single SKU that gives our customers access to the software, the infrastructure, training, services, monitoring and operations. Our philosophy is to establish our platform, educate our customers and give them the knowledge and skills they need to move forward, on their own. If they need our ad-hoc support, we’re just a phone call away.”

Digibee was founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2017. After securing US$6M in early stage funding, Digibee moved its headquarters to the United States, with offices in New York, Denver and Miami.


The Founders

Rodrigo Bernardinelli

Rodrigo Bernardinelli

CEO, Co-Founder

Peter Kreslins Junior

Peter Kreslins Junior

CTO, Co-Founder

Vitor Sousa

Vitor Sousa

COO, Co-Founder

“Digibee orchestrated the connection of our stores in 48 hours through its Hybrid Integration Platform and was able to verify and monitor each step of the integration process. Today, Digibee connects more than 6 million transactions per day and we are expanding to new fronts such as POS terminals, taxation and a new cloud platform for sales.”

Patricia Camara – Head of IT, Makro Brazil

"We had the challenge of democratizing access to information to our 10,000 cooperative members, and with that, we found in Digibee the most efficient wat to make our new communication model viable, where we implemented all the integration flows with half the structure used in traditional integrations."

Emerson Zanoti – IT Supervisor, Integrada

"With Digibee, we reduced both the time and cost of our integration process by 30-percent. In addition, we simplified a lot of the landscape of our SAP program and legacy systems."

Analy de Magalhães – CIO, Pandurata Group (Bauducco)

"We started our digital transformation and inaugurated the first self check-in/out totem with facial recognition system in the hotel market in Brazil. With the support of Digibee, we were able to integrate and orchestrate all systems 10-times faster than we would through a traditional integration process."

Matheus Garcia – CIO, GJP Hotels

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