Report: How and why omnichannel opened a new retail
October 29, 2020
An in-depth analysis of the importance of omnichannel and the challenges when it comes to creating a strategy that offers products and services through different channels in an integrated manner.
omni channel

At the end of August, Digibee organized the 2nd #HappyHourDigibeeR and the theme of the meeting, in a world that is increasingly moving towards “phygital” – the union of digital agility with the benefits of presence -, it could not be another: omnichannel , a concept that can be translated into the integrated offer of products and services through different channels, physical and virtual.

Carlos Leite, CTO of St. Marché, Roberto Frossard, director of innovation for Accenture, and Vitor Sousa, founding partner and COO of Digibee, spoke with Adriele Marchesini, a technology journalist at the essense agency, in a chat that addressed the better paths in search of an effective omnichannel operation, which, in the current pandemic scenario, is much more than an option, it is a necessity.

With the name “How and why the omnichannel opened a new retail store”, this material adds more important analysis and brings the vision of Fátima Merlin, CEO of the consultancy Connect Shopper. Author of two books on the universe of consumption, Fátima talks about how the consumer sees the omnichannel.

The material is also a good opportunity to learn a little about the history of e-commerce and how it contributed to the emergence, first, of multichannel and then of the concept of omnichannel.

The text also brings the case of St. Marche and its digital transformation in the pandemic, as well as part of the history of its CTO, Carlos Leite, who lived the evolution of omnichannel in his daily work for almost two decades. Roberto Frossard also brought stories and a lot of knowledge to the report. He spoke about his experience at Accenture and how omnichannel ends up being essential also for public institutions and other segments other than retail.

Vitor Sousa, in turn, completed the different approaches regarding omnichannel with a more operational look, remembering that, behind all the promises associated with omnichannel, there is a long work to make it operational and financially viable. He made it clear that, for this, a deep understanding of the consumer is needed. In fact, on the shopper’s view at this disruptive moment, the report brings the analysis of Fátima Merlin, a long-time scholar of consumer behavior.

Finally, if we tried to synthesize the content of this material in a few words, which would lead us to lose valuable details, it is possible to say that all efforts towards the omnichannel have a single objective: to provide the best possible experience for the consumer, ensuring their satisfaction in all stages of the purchase journey.