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Future-Proof Your Integrations

The Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform empowers people to be prepared for impending disruption and easily create their own Digital Ecosystems. Unlock your data and make it work for you.

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Hybrid Integration Platform

Connecting your systems faster and easier.

1. Build

Create integrations up to 10-time faster using drag and drop capabilities, pre-configured connectors and custom libraries.

2. Run

Our data flows run in a cloud architecture, in containers 100% isolated from each other, ensuring maximum performance, security and availability.

3. Operate

We monitor 100% of transactions with a dashboard on the platform itself, ensuring the management of your integrations.

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Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform

How We’re Different

User-Friendly Platform

Digibee’s hybrid integration platform allows you to quickly and securely build, test, deploy and monitor your integration business logic needed to extract new value from your data, no matter how legacy or bleeding edge your IT landscape is, or where it lives.

Simplexity Methodology

Digibee has designed the Simplexity Methodology to help deliver the most complex integrations more easily. This methodology is enabled by the Platform to consistently deliver integration projects faster and with fewer errors than the typical inside-out approach.

Innovative Business Model

You don’t buy Digibee, you simply use it. Digibee’s per pipeline yearly subscription, coupled with white-glove onboarding services and direct contact with Digibee engineers enables your teams to regain control of your data flows with no hidden costs.

Nobody Wants a Developer Portal

How to change your approach to increase your revenue stream. 

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Low Code

Focus on business logic instead of code syntax using our drag-and-drop interface to complete integration projects faster and with fewer errors.  

Cloud Native

Harness the power, security, and scalability of modern cloud components without the need to become an expert or hire specialists in those technologies.

Full Lifecycle

Stop collecting tools and deliver business outcomes with built, stub, test, run, and operate capabilities in a single integration platform.

The Benefits

Take Control of Your Systems

With Digibee’s low-code integration platform, it’s easy to remain agile and iterate on your integrations to handle the constant change in third-party interfaces and new integration business logic requirements.

Gain Full Visibility of Your Systems

Digibee’s HIP gives decision makers insights and situation awareness of vital business processes. Digibee’s platform and integration model connects businesses, systems and services to give you full control and 360-degree visibility to analyze and track each database connection in real-time, allowing you to make quick adjustments and create new business opportunities.

Enable Change and Business Agility

Digibee allows you to adopt new applications and implement new business processes in a fast-changing environment. Digibee’s Platform gives you the ability to build integrations based on ever-changing requirements and release those capabilities more quickly to the market.

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Unlock Innovation

Digibee provides a platform and methodology that allows you to be innovative, while mixing both traditional and modern integration styles. Its low-code environment and full-lifecycle capabilities eliminate the need for a abundance of tools and SME knowledge to complete your integration projects.

Reduce Costs while Improving Efficiency

Digibee’s Platform coupled with its Simplexity Methodology helps you to accelerate your digital initiatives by using an outside-in approach to create efficient and cost-effective integrations, so your development resources can spend more time building best-in-class customer experiences.

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Customer Testimonials

“We started our digital transformation and inaugurated the first self check-in/out totem with facial recognition system in the hotel market in Brazil. With the support of Digibee, we were able to integrate and orchestrate all systems 10-times faster than we would through a traditional integration process.”

Matheus Garcia

CIO, GJP Hotels

“Digibee orchestrated the connection of our stores in 48 hours through its Hybrid Integration Platform and was able to verify and monitor each step of the integration process.

Today, Digibee connects more than 6 million transactions per day and we are expanding to new fronts such as POS terminals, taxation and a new cloud platform for sales.”

Patricia Camara

Head of IT, Makro Brazil

“With Digibee, we reduced both the time and cost of our integration process by 30-percent. In addition, we simplified a lot of the landscape of our SAP program and legacy systems.”

Analy de Magalhães

CIO, Pandurata Group (Bauducco)

“We had the challenge of democratizing access to information to our 10,000 cooperative members, and with that, we found in Digibee the most efficient wat to make our new communication model viable, where we implemented all the integration flows with half the structure used in traditional integrations.”

Emerson Zanoti

IT Supervisor, Integrada

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